WidePSX – Trial version 2.0



This is a free and fully functional 25 minutes limited trial version of WidePSX, an integrated add-ons suite for Aerowinx PSX :

  • Java cross platform application (Windows, MacOs,…).
  • Scenery generator bridge to connect Aerowinx PSX with FSX or P3D.
  • Aloft weather simulation to import FSX/P3D (ActiveSky, REX, …) winds in PSX, feed PSX FMC winds uplink with FSX/P3D winds and OAT, and simulate CAT areas.
  • Inject FSX/P3D traffic in PSX, and set vPilot radios and TCAS according with PSX.
  • Ground services simulation (conversations, actions) for both preflight and arrival phases.
  • Printer output to print PSX ACARS papersheet on a hardware printer.

All modules are independant and can be enabled or disabled.